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General Manager: Chen Ming
¡¡¡¡As a leader of our field in China domestic market, Jinzhou Yongjia Chemical Industry Company insists “Ultimate challenge, striving for perfection” and adheres“quality of survival, to the credibility of development” as our enterprise purpose. As a fine chemical industry enterprise, our company treats employees by fraternity and equality£¬ protects environment by reverence to the nature, provides stabilize high quality products to all our customers by honest mind. Our company obtains development driving force with all our customers demand, improves enterprise competitiveness by innovation, sets international leader enterprise as our development target, wins customer’s satisfaction by our products and services, and to be respectable enterprise.



Address£ºjinzhou linghe baigong 25

Recommended products£ºM£¯DBT | PEPE | LRC-201 | PXE | Conducting oil

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